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Add Depth and Dimension with Wall Moulding

Meigs Building Material in Jasper, Texas, carries a variety of wall moulding options to add depth to any room or to make a smooth transition from the walls to your floors. We refresh our stock weekly to include everything from crown moulding to casings for doors and windows. With our rotating inventory, you'll always find just the right piece for your current project.

Trusted Moulding for Every Area of Your Home

We are proud carriers of the Texas-based Southwest Moulding™ brand, which offers products for every area of your home where moulding is needed. This company makes consistently superior products that our current customers love, and we're sure you will, too! Their product line includes:

Casing - Base - Crown - Shoe - Stop - Brick Mould - Lattice - Parting Stop - Champer - Clear - Finger-Jointed - Medium Density Fiber

No Budget too Small, No Taste too Particular

Moulding is a fairly simple esthetic element in most homes, but its value is often underscored due to its more peripheral nature. However, a lack of or improper moulding can ruin the entire look of an otherwise beautiful home. When you shop with us, our staff will help you to find the moulding that fits just right and brings your interiors together for a cohesive look. From identifying your price range to discussing your personal tastes in home decor, we take the time to make sure your purchase satisfies you completely.

Bathroom Molding