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Cook In Style on the Grill and in the Kitchen

Meigs Building Material offers you the best in outdoor grills and Lodge™ cookware to help you turn up the heat when you're cooking for friends and family. We utilize reputable brands to stock only high-quality equipment, ensuring you get the best of the best to cook your food on or in. With their reliable performance and superior durability, your home will be the hot spot to meet for everything from football games to holiday parties. For holiday party comfort, check out our heating options to keep everyone cozy indoors and out.

Impart Tender, Mouthwatering Flavor into Your Food

The benefits of grilling are undeniable; it's healthy and it makes your food taste amazing with the smoky, savory flavor that only cooking over an open flame can provide. With options such as the American-made ceramic grill by Primo™ or wood-fire Traeger™ grill who manufactures their wood chips right here in Jasper, Texas, you get the superior performance of American manufacturing. In addition to our grills, we carry the Blackstone™ griddle, which gives you a huge flattop to cook on. From eggs for breakfast to chop steak and onions for a Philly Cheesesteak at dinnertime, the possibilities are endless.

American-Made Cookware with Outstanding Performance

Lodge™ cookware offers you the superb quality that only American manufacturing can produce. Lodge™ offers excellent durability and never acquires hot spots during cooking. When you use the equipment offered by our store, your food will always cook on even heat, so you never have to worry about serving anything over or under-cooked. We offer a full line of Lodge™ products that includes:

Turkey Fryers - Crawfish Pots - Iron Skillets - Dutch Ovens - Griddles

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