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The Paint Color You Want, The Quality You Need

Don't settle for a sub-par paint just to get the color you want. Instead, turn to Meigs Building Material for the perfect coat for your home. From interior paint to deck stains, our Jasper, Texas-based store only carries products from companies with a history of excellence, like Benjamin Moore™. With the knowledge of our highly trained staff members and the veritable array of options we carry, you'll walk away with a coat of paint that's going to make you happy for years to come.

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High-End Paints with a Reputation of Superior Quality

With products from both Benjamin Moore™ and MinWax™, everything we sell has the backing of their stellar reputations in addition to the standard to which we hold our stock. Benjamin Moore™ in particular has been in business for more than 100 years, and the brand has a high-quality consumer report and positive ratings for the performance of their paints. You'll be thrilled to see their distinct hues on your moulding, doors, and other areas of your home.

Options for Every Area of Your Home, Crafted for You

Our paints come in a variety of forms, being applicable to both interior and exterior areas of property. Whether putting on the first coat or going over an old one, our team of employees can help you pick the right product for your individual needs. Our staff knows how our products function in many different settings and is adept at color matching or creating a custom hue just for you. Let us assist with:

Interior Paint - Exterior Paint - Stains - Enamels - Decks Stains - Polyurethanes